Stop Withholding Income Taxes Pledge

Stop Withholding Income Taxes

“The struggle for liberty has been a struggle against Government.” Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas, in Columbia Broadcasting v. Democratic Committee (1973).

The National Stop Withholding Tax effort is a national non-partisan grassroots campaign to eliminate federal income tax withholding. Ending withholding of taxes is revenue neutral, but if you are worried about the size of government (big brother, big war, big government, or big regulations), the intrusiveness of government (e.g. domestic spying), or the priorities of government (from taxes to Iraq) stopping the withholding of taxes will increase everyones awareness of these issues.

Withholding income taxes began as a “Wartime emergency” system in 1943 and continued long after that war and has increased in scope since.

In order to increase the responsiveness of government, increase transparency and increase freedom, the Stop Withholding Taxes movement seeks to repeal the Withholding Tax (IRS Code 3401). Eliminating the withhold of income taxes does nothing to either increase or decrease your tax obligations. In other words, it is revenue neutral. It only changes the method of tax collection and puts you back in charge of another aspect of your life.

You may ask, then why eliminate it? Simple. It increases the openness and transparency of government by putting the taxpayers back in closer contact with the actual taxes they are being asked to pay. Citizens who are aware of their tax obligations will take more interest in what those obligations fund.

Any politician who cares about the taxpayer, cares about the transparency of government, or cares about freedom should support this Pledge. Politicians who wish to retain their power, mislead taxpayers, and consolidate their power will no doubt oppose this Pledge.

The history of the Withholding of Income taxes is one of deception and deceit, which has greatly reduced the transparency of government and decreases your liberty.

What can you do? Ask your candidate or current politician to sign the pledge today! And see our page describing how you can help increase transparency and increase freedom with the Pledge to eliminate the withholding of taxes!

A politician who claims to care about openness, transparency, freedom, big brother, and yet won’t sign the Pledge is a politician who is mouthing words they think you want to hear. In short, an opportunist looking for power.

In short: end withholding and have citizens write checks quarterly.

I always thought that transparency and the truth were in the nation’s best interest. ┬áMuch of Washington disagrees.